Using Uberlash is so easy & I noticed results after a couple of weeks. I was missing some lower eyelashes & there was a gap....the gap has now been filled in...amazing. The overall length of my upper lashes has really improved. Really love this product :-)

Ann Marie

Had disastrous infills / lash extensions put on last summer. When they came
out they pulled the lash out with them or broke the eyelash. I don't have
thick lashes anyway and it looked terrible. Uberlash helped repair the
damage much more quickly.

Jane Olley

Uberlash has definitely made a very significant difference to the length of my lashes, so much so my friend's and colleagues ask me what mascara I use but I tell them it's all because of Uberlash but if they purchase then they have to use it regularly and persevere and they will really see results like me.


First I didn't know what to expect but I was really surprised after 2 weeks of using Uberlash! Because in my workplace I cannot wear any make up I was more than happy see my lashes growing perfectly! I don't remember how many times I had to answer on question If I did a lash extension, my answer was always NO! I use Uberlash!! Two of my friends tried also Uberlash and they appreciate it more than anything. We love our long lashes, thank you Uberlash!


I think Uberlash is amazing, I bought it thru the website to start as I thought it was over priced for something that hadn't been recommended to me but a month after using uberlash i started to see a difference, and now four months my lashes are double the original length!!! I did take a before picture but lost my phone so cant see the hard evidence. A work friend came back to work from maternity leave and asked if i had lash extensions, i simply said no its uberlash. i had a similar experience when getting my eyebrows threaded the beautician asked if was wearing extension and shes told me about how she had used many other eyelash serums but none had the same results as mine. couldn't live without it now!


I had always admired people with long lashes and longed for mine to be long too but didnt think that this would be possible unless i opted for false eyelashes which were always a temporary options. Uberlash has truly perform miracles though and something i have recommended to all my family and friends as the complemented me on how long my natural eyelashes are which they had never noticed before. I have to say this is definitely an unarguable value for money product which really works unlike many other products which are just a gimmick! The best thing is the results are quick which definitely encourages you to continue with this produce. Thank Uberlash for this amazing product. :)


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