Sales Policy

Effective Date: This Sales Policy is officially effective January 1, 2012.

This sales policy ("Sales Policy") applies to you ("Customer", "you" or "your") when you purchase any products or services from UberCosmetics International, Ltd. and/or any of its affiliates, including but not limited to UberCosmetics International, Ltd. ("UberCosmetics", "we", "us" or "our") through the online store (the "Store") available through the UberCosmetics website at (the "Site"). You and UberCosmetics agree that the following terms and conditions are the exclusive terms governing all sales transactions between Customer and UberCosmetics. Any attempt to alter, supplement, modify or amend this Sales Policy by the Customer will be considered a material alteration of this Sales Policy and, therefore, will be null and void. In addition, this Sales Policy is subject to change at any time, with or without prior written notice to you. Therefore, please check this Sales Policy carefully each time you place an order with or accept delivery of any goods through the Store.


You may purchase products through our Store as a non-subscribing Site user or you may create an account with our Site in order to personalize your purchases.
If you have an account with our Site, you may also set up reoccurring orders of products, which will be automatically processed and shipped to you in accordance with a set delivery schedule for each product selected by you (e.g., every thirty days). You may edit any reoccurring order by adding or removing products at any time before the order is processed.
You may purchase products that you wish to buy from UberCosmetics by adding such products to your shopping cart available through the Store. You may search for products, and review, add to or remove products from you shopping cart by using the navigational tools available in the Store section of the Site. Once you have finished browsing you may proceed to submit your order to check-out for purchase, or if you have a Site account, you may save the products in your shopping cart for purchase at a later time.
Placing a product in your shopping cart does not reserve the price shown at that time. It is possible that a product price may increase or decrease between the time you place it in your cart and the time you purchase it.

If you choose to set up reoccurring orders of products, the price for each product in your initial order will not be guaranteed for subsequent reoccurring orders of such products. The price of each product in subsequent reoccurring orders will be the price applicable at the time such order is processed, as reflected on our Site at the time the order is processed. If the price of a subsequent reoccurring order of product will vary from your most recent reoccurring order of such product, UberCosmetics will send you an email ten days in advance of shipping such order to notify you of the change in price.

After you have submitted your order and shipping selections through the Store, along with your applicable billing and credit card information, you will receive an e-mail receipt from UberCosmetics confirming your purchase. You may review and print receipts for orders that you have placed through the Store, including any reoccurring orders of products, at any time within one (1) year after your purchase by logging in to your Site account and navigating to the "Order History" section of your account.

Except as stated otherwise in this Sales Policy, price, specifications and terms of offer contained on the Site are subject to change without notice. All prices are listed in US Dollars. UberCosmetics reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Products purchased from UberCosmetics may not be resold, redistributed or modified for resale at any time or in any manner without the prior written approval of UberCosmetics.

Payment Methods

Payment Terms

An order placed through the Store, including any reoccurring orders placed in connection with our automatic delivery program, is not binding upon UberCosmetics until it is accepted; UberCosmetics must confirm pre-authorization of your credit card before it will accept an order. Payment for product(s) ordered is due upon shipment of your order. Customer can make payments by credit card, or any method listed under the Payment Methods of this Sales Policy. You will receive an e-mail from UberCosmetics confirming acceptance of your order and processing of your payment following your submission of your order in accordance with this Sales Policy.

If you set up reoccurring orders of products, you will be asked to preauthorize UberCosmetics to debit your account for such orders. You will be provided with an electronic copy of your preauthorization after confirming your enrollment in the automatic delivery program via email, unless you request a hard copy from UberCosmetics by email at You may also print a hard copy of your preauthorization within one year of placing your initial order by logging in to your Site account and navigating to the “Order History” section.

Each time reoccurring order is placed, UberCosmetics will debit your account for the total price of such order, including shipping and handling costs and any applicable taxes. If you terminate your participation in the automatic delivery program, UberCosmetics will not debit your account for any unprocessed reoccurring orders.

Promotional Offers

UberCosmetics may present promotional offers to shoppers. Offers are valid only while supplies last.
If Customer wishes to return an item from a promotional offer, the customer must return all items that were part of that offer within 30 days of the original invoice date. Individual items within a promotional offer may only be returned for repair / replacement if a RMA number is acquired within the standard return period. Please see our Returns Policy set out below for further details.

Promo Codes

UberCosmetics will sometimes furnish an alphanumeric code that can be used for promotions on our web site. These promotional codes may be found in print and/or online advertisements, sent via email to UberCosmetics Newsletter and/or Promotion subscribers, presented on the Site or circulated at events and through other means. Some of the specials offered by entering a Promo Code during checkout include free shipping, volume discounts, or free gifts. The provisions for a Promo Code will be included with the code itself; if an expiration date or other condition is stipulated, just reference where the code was acquired for the exact requirements. Please note that Promo Codes are not redeemable for cash and Customer must spend more than the discount price in order for a promotion to be applied. For example, if a Promo Code offered £10.00 off Customer's next purchase, Customer would need to spend more than £10.00 to redeem the discount.

Sales Tax

Customer orders will be charged applicable sales tax according to his/her state's sales tax laws. The amount of tax charged depends upon many factors, including the type of item purchased, and the destination of the shipment.

Cancel Orders

Customer may request that an order, including any reoccurring orders placed in connection with our automatic delivery program, be cancelled provided the order has not already been processed. If you have a Site account, you may cancel an order that is listed as "pending" in the "Order History" section of your account, but you may not cancel an order if the status is listed as "processing" or "shipped". Alternatively, you may go to the FAQ section of our Site and navigate to our online order cancellation form, or you may call our Customer Service Center during UberCosmetics's hours of operation to request an order cancellation. Emails are not accepted for this request. Customer's credit card will not be charged if the order is cancelled prior to processing.

If you participate in our automatic delivery program, you may terminate your participation in the program at any time by logging in to your Site account and navigating to the "Your Account" section, clicking on 'Edit Auto Delivery Items' and clicking the delete button next to the products you wish to remove. You may also terminate your participation by calling UberCosmetics Customer Service at 0870 111 8013. Emails are not accepted for this request.


UberCosmetics strives to have all products in stock and available for sale at all times. It is not UberCosmetics's policy to sell backordered merchandise. If an order is placed and UberCosmetics becomes out of stock before the order is processed, an email will be sent to the email address associated with your order to alert you that the order is unable to be processed and will be canceled.

Order status

UberCosmetics will keep Customer informed of his/her order status via e-mail. All shipment tracking information will be emailed to Customer's email address associated with his or her order once such order has shipped. Customer may also acquire their order status and other updates by logging in to his/her account on UberCosmetics's website.

Shipping Charges

Total cost for purchase of any product will include shipping and handling charges shown on the UberCosmetics invoice.

Title; Risk of Loss

UberCosmetics will arrange for shipment of ordered product(s) to the Customer, Free On Board (F.O.B.) shipping point, meaning title to the product(s) and risk of loss passes to the Customer upon delivery to the carrier. UberCosmetics reserves a purchase money security interest in the product(s) until it has receipt of the full amount due. Customer agrees to allow UberCosmetics to sign appropriate documents on Customer's behalf to permit UberCosmetics to protect its purchase money security interest. UberCosmetics will advise Customer of estimated shipping dates, but UberCosmetics will, under no circumstances, be responsible for delays in delivery, and associated damages, due to events beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation, acts of God or public enemy, acts of federal, state or local government, fire, floods, civil disobedience, strikes, lockouts, and freight embargoes.