Apply once per day in the evening to upper lash line. Only a small amount of product is necessary for each application, so please use sparingly. Apply serum with applicator brush, in a thin line, along upper lash line only at the root area (as though you are applying eyeliner). If using eye makeup remover prior to application, rinse the eye area with warm water to neutralize and wait until eyelashes are fully dry before applying product. 

Step 1

Close the eye and apply Uberlash serum directly to the upper lash line as you would liquid eyeliner, sweeping from the inside of the eye to the outer edge and back.

Step 2

With the eyes still closed, apply serum directly on top of upper lashes sweeping from base of lashes to out toward the tip of lashes

Step 3

For brow application. swipe serum evenly across each brow.

Step 4

After application, allow the product dry for several minutes. Once dry, apply your normal makeup on top of Uberlash